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What is Makey Makey Labz?

A place to share your Makey Makey inventions and find inspiration from other inventors all around the world! Makey Makey helps people learn Invention Literacy through changing the ways you interact with the world. Maybe that bushel of bananas is a marimba, that social interaction is a camera, or that escalator is an M&M surfboard.

Add your contributions to the world of Makey Makey invention literature and see how others build on your ideas! Make step-by-step guides or just post a video - Join Makey Makey Labz and reinvent the world around you.

Share Your Inventions

  • Document your inventions and post project guides
  • Show off your inventions in the gallery
  • Ask questions and share tips through comments

School Support

  • Browse through tons of lesson plans created by us and by other educators from around the world
  • Set up a classroom with student logins and assign activities, track progress in real-time, and review student work.
  • Sign in with your Clever account.
  • Filter projects by CCSS and NGSS standards
  • Create a private activity and administer it to your class without sharing it to the entire community.


What are the different user roles?

Inventor - Can create project guides, post pictures and videos.

Instructor - Can do everything an Inventor can and create classes and add kids. Parents will be invited to set up an Instructor account to add their children.

Student - Can post project guides, pictures, and videos visible to the class. Student accounts must be created by Instructor.

Why are public gallery posts moderated?

We need to keep Makey Makey Labz safe for all users to enjoy. If your project is rejected please review the text and media to ensure there is no inappropriate content. Student content has a double moderation policy: they are moderated by an instructor first, and if approved will be moderated by us within 24 hours. If approved the content will be become public in the Gallery section of the website for any user to view, run, copy, comment or rate.

Why are public projects moderated?

We are also responsible for ensuring that activities are of high quality and have proven efficacy. If your activity is rejected, we will work with you to improve it and get it published. If a student publishes an activity then the double moderation process is used, but please allow up to 48 hours for the our team to review. If approved, the activity will become public in the Projects section of the website for any users to view, comment, rate, copy or participate in.

What inappropriate content will be rejected?

  • Irrelevant: Content that is irrelevant from the purpose and spirit of the platform.
  • Personal information of children age 12 or under: Content that includes information that can identify a child, including full name, phone number, online username, or email address of a child; photos or video of a child’s image; and recordings of a child’s voice.
  • Sexual: Content that contains graphic sexual activity, nudity, and other sexual content.
  • Dangerous or repulsive: Content that may result in physical or other harm of humans or animals, or is posted to shock viewers.
  • Hateful or abusive: Content that promotes hatred against protected groups, abuses vulnerable individuals, or engages in cyberbullying.
  • Child abuse: Content that includes sexual, predatory or abusive communications towards minors.
  • Spam or misleading: Content that is massively posted or otherwise misleading in nature.
  • Infringes rights or violates agreements: Content that infringes Makey Makey’s intellectual property rights or violates Makey Makey’s privacy policies, terms of use, intellectual property policy, or any other user agreements.

What is a Zen Master?

Zen Masters are some of the best educators in the world using Makey Makeys in their classrooms and sharing their projects. If you think you have what it takes to be an Zen Master, email us at labz@joylabz.com

Contact us

Support: labz@joylabz.com

Purchase Orders: education@joylabz.com

User Agreements

By using the Makey Makey Labz platform you agree that you have read, understand and consent to the collection and use of your personal information and usage guidelines as described in Privacy and Terms of Use.